An Overdue Thank you

It hard to imagine the amount of attention I have gotten over the past few years.  Growing up to say I was the cool kid is far from the truth.  In fact, I had an imaginary friend when I was younger who used to leave me to go play with different kids down the street.  When I started training strongman and started growing a team and crew being a star was never and will never be the goal.  I learned to love so many parts of this sport and it goes far beyond being able to lift heavy things.  As I did, my focus was to grow something bigger than me.  I wanted to share and influence in a positive way all the people I come across.  This sport has become a big part of this and has added to my motivation and inspiration to continue to do these things.

I have had 11 members of the Untouchable Strength Crew since it’s inception.  We have had 9 NAS Title holders, 7 National Qualifiers, 3 National or World Records Set, 2 World Qualifying athletes, and number of success stories.  We have become one of the most respected strongman crews in the Nation and Davis Speed Center has become known as a gym that when an athlete shows up to a contest everyone knows they are going to have some hearty competition.

I could recap my thank you newsletter from Nationals as everything in that newsletter also applies to my latest trip to the World Championships.  My appreciation to everyone I have mentioned in the past has not changed in any way.  I want to focus on some people who I feel really deserve a special mention.  In the 5 months since I was named #2 strongman in the nation they were all monumental in my run for World Champion.  It is these people and the things they do that really show me i am getting closer to growing this crew to what I have imagined and it is far bigger than me and bigger than I ever will be.  So without continued rambling.  Here is the list.  I know, as usual, I have probably left people out and as always you will likely be receiving your own private message in the very near future.

Shawn Zambon and Jon Tammi-As I have made this journey, pretty much since the beginning no two people have been along for the ride more than you two.  You do so much more than you ever have to and you follow with so much excitement, not just for me, but for all my teammates.  You have become at least online friends with several of my competitors and you follow the sport with enthusiasm that I try to spread to everybody.  You have helped financially (which is much more important than most people know in this sport) by way of sponsorship or just helping your poor little brother out.  I love hearing you cheering in the background of my videos.  But nothing is more enjoyable than watching you compete in the DSC Contests.  You are big reason I stay as excited as I do in the sport, and can honestly say I try to do just a little bit better to keep you on board.  Knowing you are there makes the journey so much easier.  I am leaving out 1000 more things you do for me, and although I try to be good at showing it, I am not sure I really am but know that I am so thankful to have you on this team.  Even a late shout out to Taylor and Josh who got to witness their Uncle compete for the first time (I hope I did well enough to win back to back relative of the year awards).

Momma Bear and Larry:  Hard to single strongman out for all the things I need to thank you for.  From being the best parents and role models in the world from the time I was born, through the confusing years, to finding myself and what I wanted to do.  You never gave up and always reminded me that no matter what I would choose to do, I would be great at it.  More times than i would like to admit I have had to come crawling to you for help and never once did you ever lose faith in me.  I know this sport scares the sh#t out of you every time I pick something heavy up.  After you saw your first show at Jakked I was convinced that Larry would never let you come to another one.  None of this would be possible if not for your help and support all along the way but also as specific as it is to this road to the top.  I am so glad you got to come out to watch me in Ohio and next year i promise I will make sure you get to see me on that stage.

The Source- Even before you knew what this sport was, I came to you for a loan so i could buy the equipment I needed to start this thing up on my own.  I will never forget what you said to me, even though I am sure you already have.  You said “I can tell your are excited about this and think this is going to work”.  That was all you needed.  When i think back about what I had to start with, it amazes me how far I have come.  A lot because of the faith you had in my “business plan”.  I also laugh that many of the things that drove me crazy having you as a dad are some of the traits I now have and make me as good as I am at what I do.  As a competitor but more so as a Coach.  Last year you got your first taste of this and this year you were on board all the way.  I know you will be there next year and all the way till I can’t do it anymore.  I couldn’t me more proud to have you there cheering me on.  I am so thankful for everything and hope you continue to be a part of this.

Dave Davis-Didn’t need you as much this year.  Thank god, since I basically needed you to hold my hand last year and finally fix a decade long slump in my deadlift.  When I hit a snag this year I did again call on you and without hesitation you again there to help me out.  Luckily it was minor enough I only needed you for 3 weeks this time, but again we got past levels we were not even close to last year.  From giving me a chance to run my strength program to all the help in my training I thank you.  I have told you many times that I don’t know if i will ever be able to pay you back, I haven’t forgotten anything you have done and I want to once again say thank you.  With the addition with the 150lb strongman skinny class being added, would be a hell of time sharing a podium or two with you this year.

Kim Stone and the Stone Family I am the first to admit that my coaching style is not exactly traditional.  I probably put more responsibility on the athlete than a lot of strength coaches out there.  I know what I do works, but it is often hard to break through to new clients who don’t know about all DSC has done with the strength program and what it has produced.  When you started with the Get Fit program, not one time did I ever think I would have any member of your family in my program because of the reasons I mentioned above.  Probably one of the top 5 things I have been most wrong about in the past 10 years.  You have evolved into an almost odd extended family of mine.  From knowing and not trusting my talented appetite that you have brought me food in for several reasons.  Whether it be a special occasion, an illness I have had, and my favorite: making me healthy dinners so i wouldn’t let my weight slide (which I would have by the way).  Even more than all this you and your whole family have become quite the talk of the DSC Strength program, and believe it or not some of my friends across the country have asked about you and all the videos I have put up.  The joy you and you kids get by hitting PR’s, the sharing of your goals, the push all of you have to get stronger and strive to be as strong and good as you can be is some of the best motivation around.  We joke a lot at the gym, but if it wasn’t for clients for you guys I probably wouldn’t have the drive to continue to be the best I can be.  I feel I  owe you and the whole DSC family that much for all that you do for me and all the motivation and inspiration i get from you guys.  Your whole family is also about as DSC team oriented as they come.

Big Trevor and Regina-The first guy I ever had come to DSC to train strongman and my first employee for that matter.  I am very happy you and Regina are doing so well out in Chicago.  I am not one to complain often or out in the open, I am not one who really lays everything out there, but any time I have ever needed a sounding board, or bitch about anything in life I have often turned to you and you have never complained.  I am glad I don’t train with you everyday, because if I did I would be dead.  However I am very glad we do get to train together when it works out.  You are like Magic Johnson of training partners and just being around you seems to make everyone better.   It is almost guaranteed that PRs get set every time we train, and some of if not all of my best training moments have come during our sessions.  It is also those sessions I use to get the much valued help I need when I have hit a wall.  It had been a lot of contests before we both finally won, and dominated the LW stage together at summer fest last summer and that is one of the most overdue and best moments of this sport I have ever had.  As far as your better half goes, Regina, I can’t thank you enough for all that you do and all the support you show me.  So many times I have to fly solo to shows and you do all the little things I often, shamelessly, ask you to do.  In addition you are so supportive and shoot videos (and I can hear you cheering in the background) and do everything else like we have been best friends since Middle School.  You really are the best, and make things so much easier.  I am so happy that even after the move I have been able to stay close and share all this with both of you.  Both of you have a loyalty, work ethic, and character that is something we all can admire.

The DSC Get Fit Class – You guys and gals are all awesome.  You operate as one unit and show all the young athletes that results come easier in a team setting rather than individual battles.  You all have been so supportive and huge fans, not just of me but Davis speed Center in general.  The picture you guys gave me makes me emotional every time I look at it, and was really one of the best gifts I have ever received and that includes the He-Man/Battle Cat combo and the Dukes of Hazard motor cycle I got at age 5 and 6 respectively.  Not an easy task to stay par with those two gems.  In all seriousness I genuinely thank you all for all the support.

Mike Ginsberg and the Ginsberg Family-What you did for me leading to the World Championship was actually one of the hardest things I have had to accept.  It was during a time of need that took such a huge amount of stress off my shoulders that you nor anyone will ever understand (because I don’t tell anyone).  Your text messages and words of support and belief were always an aspect of motivation.  I am so glad Erin will be playing soccer at her dream school and I hope I have been a part of that even in the slightest as it is the least I can do to try and pay you back.  Looking forward to getting back to working with both you and making sure you both reach every goal you wish too.  I haven’t had the opportunity to thank you in person so this is going to have to do for now.  But I wanted and needed to say it again, thank you so much for all your help.

Kevin Brummond, Pat Wenzel, J.T. Michell, and all other help-I have said it a million times so I will keep this short.  Often times these big contests force me to be away more than I would like if I want to stay on top.  All of you have, without hesitation, done everything you can to make the burden on me so much easier.  I appreciate all the extra stuff you all do and if I didn’t have such a supportive staff I would be nowhere near where I am today.

Sam Nirva-This one may seem out-of-place a little bit, but I do need to send you an individual thank you.  The messages that you sent to me after Nationals I have saved and kept handy anytime I don’t feel like training, or when I get frustrated over the little things that pile up in this profession.  They hit me hard when you sent them and they still work every time and remind me that what I am doing is what I should be doing.  You have been an absolute picture perfect athlete to train, and even when you are away you make it pretty easy for me to know I have done some things right with my athletes along the way.  I know you are going to kill it at Nationals this year and you deserve everything you have accomplished.

Kett-Can’t leave you out even though I told you a few months ago I would never mention you again in a post.  While my schedule for the last month or so leading to Worlds didn’t give us any time to train, but up until then and all the way leading to Nationals you were the one I leaned on in training the most.  Won’t get too sappy on you, but all of your help and support is most certainly appreciated.



2014 Arnold Recap-Why this may have been my best show ever

I was absent on social media for most of the Arnold Classic and this post should certainly explain why.  Before I get into the recap, I should say that this was far and away the best and most talented contest I have ever been a part of.  24 guys from all over the world and each and every one of them legit contenders.  There was no one who didn’t belong or was out-classed, as we saw a little bit from last year.  The powers that be clearly fixed this problem with the qualifications process and it produced the 24 strongest 175 and 200 lb competitors in the world.  Just being a part of this field was quite an honor.

I received all of your messages over all media.  My lack of updates, and for some of you, responses is no way a reflection of how grateful I am.  I feel truly blessed for all the support and belief all of you have in me.  I understand what I am about to telling you is my fault and my fault only.  This is because I honestly didn’t want those who made the trip with me to worry about me.  Furthermore I am not one to make excuses and there is nothing that was going to keep me from competing this past weekend.  So for everyone reading this, you are likely going to be getting information you were never fully aware of.  I think this will explain why I was not nearly as active as I normally am with all of you over this past weekend.

Quick Recap:

We left fairly early on Wednesday morning and my weight was on track.  A car fire and closed freeway put a strong delay on the trip and what should have been a 5.5 hour trip took us nearly 8.  No big deal.  I was even able to eat and drink a little bit the day and night before and not have to worry about weight.  I was awake and at weigh ins shortly after 8 A.M. on Thursday and weighed in at 184.8 lbs on the first shot.

The rest of the day was spent eating and rehydrating while I rested up for the show on Friday.  This is when things kind of went down hill.  I went to bed early on Thursday night only to wake up 3 hours later freezing cold.  Not a good sign.  I brushed it off, and went back to bed.  Contest started at 8 Friday Morning, I woke up at 6:30 A,M. Burning up and getting this reading:

Regardless, this was not going to keep me off the floor.  Truth be told, I was so ready and confident I didn’t think it would affect me enough to stop me.  I didn’t tell anyone how I felt, there was no reason to raise and concern and I am not one to make excuses and definitely didn’t want to give anyone who came to support me want to make excuses for me.  I trained for this event and I was ready.  Plus staying in a positive mood was easy with these two on your side:

Event 1:  150 lb Circus DB -clean and press each rep

A random draw saw me going in heat 1.  A position most people would see as a disadvantage.  This was my best event on day 1 so the earlier the better for me.  I was planning on taking everyone’s knee out with a number that would be untouchable.  I was hoping for a 10.  I was still undecided if I was even going to try pressing with my right shoulder, even though it was my stronger one, but i hadn’t really tested it lately due to the injury.  I decided it was ready to go.  I pressed 4 fairly quick and easy reps on my right before switching to my left where I repped out 2 more.  Then I went back to my right for one and finished with one more on my left.  Good for an 8 spot out of the gate.  Even though it was the first heat, I was confident it was good enough for the win.  When I watched the only other presser in the field that I thought has a chance of catching me only put up a 5, I figured I would have it locked up.  I was wrong as I saw Massachusetts own Matt Lacorix match my 8.  I was later told this was both a NAS Strongman Fitness National and an ASC Strongman Fitness world record event press, that even though I would share, I would say was pretty cool news to receive out of the gate.  I have not gotten official verification on this, and if it is anything like the Axle record I set I have a solid 7 months to receive my hardware.

Event 2:  630 lb Yoke for 75 feet.

As I am sure most have you have dealt with a fever before you already know your whole body kind of aches.  Well my back was not only aching but cramping up and getting kind of (very) painful.  I made the decision to try and combat this on the yoke by switching my yoke pick higher so i wouldn’t have to move it as far off the ground.  It ended up being a good decision.  I love the yokes they use in big events because they are much easier on your back the one I have at the gym.  I tried to use the mentality of the faster I finished the course, the less time i would have to deal with the back pain.  It seemed to work pretty well, as I ended up with a pretty respectable time and won my heat.  I lost my lead on the field, but was still sitting pretty good.  I was drinking as many fluids as i could to try and combat the cramping but was actually burning up even more.  Took a reading:

Not trending the right direction.  Going into event 3:

Event 3:  300 lb housafelt Stone max distance

This ended up being both good and bad.  I thought this would be the most miserable event with the cramping and achy body.  But I was surprisingly wrong.  The pick was fairly easy, and when I started Carrying i didn’t feel any different from when I trained.  I was hoping for a 300 foot carry and when I dropped the stone I thought I would be pretty close to that.  I was wrong.  242 feet.  disappointing distance for as good as I felt.  Not exactly bad but far below what I expected.  Would need a strong finish in the last two to get to day 2.

Event 4:  250 lb farmer handles for 75 feet

This was the event that proved to be worse on my back, breathing, and everything else than I expected.  I am sure the fact that I was running a fever and taxing my CNS by this point had my body in a downward spiral.  Still I had a clean pick of the farmers and ran then fairly quickly.  Yes I wanted to cry the entire time, but still managed a good enough finish to keep me in the running.  I figured in my heat I would need a top 3 performance in the deadlift medley to give me a chance for day 2.

Event 5:  Dione’s Deadly Deadlift

This was a mystery deadlift event.  Had this have been a heavy deadlift event, things may have swung in my favor.  Instead the weights were (highly) underestimated and turned into an endurance event that belonged more in crossfit.  Many, many competitor ripped their hands open due to the amount of reps that needed to be done.  I finished with 23 reps and collapsed after I finished.  23 was a pretty good number but not in the top 5.  I can say I left it all out there, and gave everything i had all day.

My fever ended up peaking at 102 that day and was still 101.2 Monday morning when i left.  Though I have not seen and final and updated score sheet by the best of my math skills I ended up finishing in a tie for 7th place and not making the stage for day 2.  I was not disappointed in this at all.  I was happy with my fight against the best in the world on a day that performing at 100% was not going to be an option.  Bad timing and bad luck hit me.  No excuse these things happen and in this sport there is no doubt every competitor was dealing with something. I didn’t tell anyone this as I do not want to take anything away from the 4 finalists and all 4 of them deserved to be there.

Video of 2014 Arnold:  Quint 2014 Arnold World Championships

While there are  many thank you’s that I will be sending out both on an individual basis and in a future web post there are 2 that need to be included here.  I know I almost always send my thank you’s out first but I have gotten so many questions, I figured this would be the easier route this time.

Adam Corra.  After 2012 Nationals I told Adam and everyone we were around that he was one step away from being an elite competitor.  Not only did he prove this by qualifying for this years Arnold and finishing in 12th place, one mistake cost him a top 10 and possibly a top 5.  His top status as a competitor aside, Adam is the best teammate in the world.  I have mentioned his positive attitude many times in the past.  Adam is also the team player that we all should strive to be.  He is the most supportive individual there is, and also the biggest fan of everyone he is associated with.  He keeps everyone upbeat and he will make sure you compete at a level you are capable of.  I am so fortunate to have him on my side, and very grateful for him to share the same team logo as I do.  There is no way I would have done nearly as well if he wasn’t there with me.  Can’t thank this guy enough.

Tracy Stankavage.  As most of you know this young lady has already become a very positive influence in my life.  The picture above is just about perfect when it comes to her in or out of competition.  She rarely doesn’t have a smile on her face that isn’t that big.  She is already a LW national champion and finished in the top 10 at the Arnold this year despite being the second smallest female in the show.  If we all had half her heart and a quarter of her fight we would be extremely lucky.  She is as motivating as she is inspiring and it is contagious.  Thank god too because just like Adam above if she wasn’t there is no way I would have been able to keep my head in the game and positive.  To take this even further from Thursday night till Monday morning when I left back home, I got out of bed for a significant amount of time exactly twice.  Once to compete and once to watch the finals.  Other than that I not only didn’t get out of bed, it would have been almost impossible for me to do so.  Killing myself while clearly sick left my entire body in paid and locked up worse than it has ever been.  I complained about this non stop and pretty much acted like a babt.  Even though I tried to kick her out of my room on several occasions she never left my side, and gave up her weekend to take care of me in a miserable state.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to pay her back for this, but it sure did make it a lot easier.  I am not sure what I did to deserve any of this, I’d like to assume I saved someone very important in a former life, I am glad to have her on my side in and out of competitions.

The rest of you I want to also thank.  I will get the second part of this message up this week.  I do truly feel like the most blessed human being alive.  Thank you all with all my heart.

It’s Time for 2014 World Strongest Man

Well Wednesday morning I will leave to represent my Country and battle for the title of Strongest in the World in the 185lb class.  From the information I was given 30 athletes were given the invitation to the show, and at present time we have 23 confirmed competitors.  Seeing this list of names I see some of the craziest, strongest, most explosive, and a few of the most unstable people I know.  I have no doubt that the names on the list I don’t know coming in from foreign countries will possess the same excellent characteristics.  It still makes me smile everytime I see Adam Corra’s name on the list.  Relatively small Crystal Lake and even smaller Davis Speed Center is sending two athletes for the second year in a row.  It is hard to argue with results.

I am feeling relatively good, strong, and confident.  Frankly, its about time.  The four months following nationals has been four of the most frustrating months of training I can think of.  My hip injury from natonals is still not healed and I have been unable to squat with anything more than 300 lbs.  I have had to shelve my shoulder completely on two occasions,  I have made one trip to the emergency room, and an illness sidelined me for two weeks.

I struggeled with up and down training days and could never quite get on track.  Seemed like everytime I took a step forward I had to take two back.  I plugged on forward doing what I could and avoiding setbacks the best I could.  On many occasions I didn’t even feel like trianing, on more than one occasion I thought about throwing in the towel as the pain was not worth the results.  But Quitting is just not in me.  Each time I went ahead praying if I kept doing the right things that things had to turn around.

Adam Corra my training partner, friend, and fellow World Qualifier

As I continue to try to spread a simple theory of if you want to be positive and successful you need to surround yourself with positive and successful people.  Thankfully I have the best the best group of athletes, the best team, the best friends and family that are already surrounding me.  The amount of support and belief I have gotten from the entire Davis Speed Center family is what kept me going through the down times.  A couple of out of the blue conversations with fellow strongman competitors, and an unlikely partnership on both a personal and buisness level reminded me there is nothing I can’t do.  When I was unable to train at 100% it was my team I went to for help.  If I couldn’t get stronger in the lifts I may as well clean up my technique, and I am fortunate to have an expert in just about every field on my team.  More importantly they know they are a part of this as much as I am, and have never once not been there when I needed them.

615 lb Deadlift

So while all along I promised you all that I would be at my best come day of the contest, up until today I wasn’t sure how I was going to fullfil that promise.  I suppose how I got to this point is not important just the fact that I can tell you that in one week I will be at my all time best, and it won’t be a lie.  It may not be my physical peak, I may not be injury free, I may be dealing with a lot of things I would rather not deal with; none of this has stopped me from getting better at every event I will be doing at the World Championships.

320 lb Log Press

So with this I thank you all.  I hope to do you all proud.  Represent Davis Speed Center with respect, sportsmanship, strength, will power, and class. You have all done more than that for me already.

I will do my best to keep everyone updated.  Thank you all again and I sincerly mean this when I say that none of this would be possible without the contribution of all of you.



Catching up on Athletes in the News

Erin Ginsberg has come back from two surgically repaired knees to fulfill her dream of playing college soccer.  A lot can be said about what it takes and how you never give up, no matter what the obstacle may be:

Jackson Smith, takes part in almost taking out the Varsity Squad in McHenry and a great performance regardless:

Ali wins Basketball Athlete of the week

Austin Rodgers leads area scoring before an injury has him sidelined for the rest of the season.  Unfortunate for this very gifted athlete.
Tate, Ephrain, Danny, Bennett all prove to be wicked smart in addition to being great athletes


2014 World Championships-Time to come clean

This blog post has changed shape several times.  Originally was going to be a post about how one gets older their training methods must change to accommodate different changes that come with that increased age.  Due to several events happening since I started writing this it has now changed shape and scope about 12 times and if i don’t send it out now, not sure it will ever get sent out.  So this may be a little bit all over the place, but aren’t we all sometimes.

There comes a time when every athlete has to accept the realization that they need to change the way they train.  When you realize it takes you longer to recover from a workout.  Your joints hurt just a little bit more.  The minor aches, pains, and injuries start to happen more often.  You need to start taking care of your body more effectively.  Make sure you get to bed early, not eat with reckless abandon.

It is not all about your biological age.  As athletes or anyone gets older more responsibilities come into play.  In a sport like mine where you are likely not going to make enough money to make a living there are a lot of things that making training more difficult and less convenient.  Work and responsibilities increase as you get older, some may have a family to take care of, a business to run, any number of things that make having time to train more difficult.  Or at least making excuses not to train easier to justify.

This is not excuse nor is this something I just learned this week.  Quite the contrary.  I have been aware of this for a while.  I am one of the old men in this sport and I have to train smarter than the rest to stay competitive.  All that being said, you can do everything right and still have things happen.

I am usually not one to talk about my insecurities, or fears.  Not something I share often.  But I am no different from anyone else and yes these things exist in me.  I am as human as anyone else and as J.C. Quinn taught me from the movie Barfly ”no more full of shit than anyone else”.  I have been dealing with a shoulder issue that has gotten to the point that I have to shower with my left arm only.  I have a hip injury from Nationals that still hasn’t healed.  I have a right hand torn open making gripping even the lightest of implements feel like my hand is on a hot stove.  Only 6 weeks to the world championship and I will have a slew of people who will accompany me to the big dance.  I hadn’t told anyone about my shoulder till a recent post on facebook and I have been receiving messages of support and concern ever since.  Unfortunately, I think I gave off the wrong impression of why I finally came clean.  It was not to make excuses or show weakness or vulnerability believe me in the beginning as they injuries were piling up I had plenty of that.  It was my way of saying that I am not worried about these injuries anymore.  That I no matter how hard I get hit on my road to Worlds I am going to hit back harder.  I will be the best I ever have been on Competition day, no matter what I have to do to make it happen.   Lets go back a couple of weeks to where my mind-set started to change.

I had my right hand man Kevin back for the better part of the last month.  The timing was nice as it is the end of a grueling season that will culminate in said World Championships at the End of February.  Was able to take a little extra time off, recharge my batteries, and heal up a little bit to get ready for my final surge for the big stage.  I Took some time to catch up with some family I haven’t spoken to in a while, some old friends that I don’t get to see often these days and my fellow competitors across the country.  Was nice to check in and see what was going on.   I had a few talks with a new (and quickly becoming good) friend, fellow old man competitor, former NFL trainer, and one of the most elite strength coaches I have ever met (one I really look up to as a strength coach myself).  He will be at the Arnold as a competitor himself and one of the first things he said to me was “I am looking forward to you finishing things off at the Arnold”.

It hit me hard.  I have had a hell of a year and finishing things at the Arnold would be a perfect ending.  In the last 12 months I set a National record, finished 2nd in the Country, won 2 NAS titles, and had a blast all the way.  Debated on coming clean to him or not.  I eventually did.  Told him I was feeling strong but dealing with injuries of the not so minor variety.  That I was to the point that what I was looking forward to most was just the opportunity to play.  While I would be as ready as I could be and give my all, I was just happy to be there.  Then he said this:  “Be appreciative, but never satisfied! The joy in eating comes while eating thus the joy is in the process!”

I knew exactly what he was saying.  What the hell was I complaining about?  Or worried about for that matter?  I just had one of the most respected coaches in the Nation tell me he thinks I am a favorite, despite what I just told him.  And you know what?  He was right.  It got me thinking way past just me, and the part of me being a baby that these injuries came at a bad time.  BAD TIME?  How can any of this be a bad time?  Let me elaborate.

Last year I was fortunate enough to take part in a piece of this sports history.  The first ever World Championships for 175 lb strongmen.  It is something I will never forget and something that will always be special for me.  Making it even more special, I got to coach one of my athletes compete at the same show.  A record-breaking female athlete of mine for that matter (shameless plug).  Making this team bigger than me is the ultimate goal and some coaches may never get to see their athletes on that stage.

This year?  I get to compete with and against a teammate, Adam Corra.  Little Crystal Lake IL and Davis Speed Center sends 2 to the world championships two years in a row.  It is humbling and proud moment of mine knowing I have had a part in Adam’s success as a strongman.

So I will be side by side with my training partner, thinking about how I have already coached an athlete to the World stage, thinking about my records, my accomplishments, but mostly thinking about all the amazing people I have met along the way.  All the experience I have had and the support I have earned.  It kind of makes the pain go away, well actually it doesn’t make the pain go away but it certainly makes it easier to deal with.  It makes you remember why you do all this, why you are so hungry.  That you are a positive influence on the people you encounter, and it is you’re calling to inspire and lead by example.  It tells me that if it is not bad enough to keep me from getting out of bed in the morning, that nothing is going to stop me this year.  I have so many people behind me that it sometimes doesn’t even seem real.  We all want the same thing.

Seems like Everyone has my back

1 More month of training.  Champions are made in the gym.  There is a positive and even advantageous side to this story.  Not being able to train everything lets me get really good at that I can do.  Time to out work this field of fellow lunatics and leave it all out there.

I wouldn’t have any of this it wasn’t for all of you who are reading this right now, all of you who have helped along the way, all of you who have ever cheered for me.  Going to try and do this done for all of us.

I hope that clears some things up.



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